About Medex Worldwide: a brief overview

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Trust is our best policy as your business partner Medex Worldwide a best healthcare center near you.

‘When you sleep, you just dream, when you challenge yourself, your dreams will come true’.

Evolution of Medex Worldwide: From Healthcare Center to Global Distributor

Medex Worldwide started business as a healthcare center with domestic distribution and maintenance of medical equipment like Ultrasound Scanners, Endoscopes, Clinical Lab Equipment, C-Arm , Skin Care Lasers.
Besides our domestic sales, we also have exported new and Refurbished medical equipment to many countries based on years of successful domestic business. We have professional certified Engineers to refurbished equipment.

Now, we have our headquarter in Korea and established branches in Vietnam and Pakistan.

We believe that nothing is impossible. Not only items that we deal with at the present, but also other Korean products you may be interested in can be discussed sincerely.

Trust is the compass guiding our healthcare journey. Medex Worldwide, your true north in wellness.

We are ready to answer any questions you may have by phone in Korean, English, Hindi, Urdu at any time.

We are trying to be your ideal business partner by providing the best quality products and service you can trust.


Ultrasound Scanner ,  Skin Care Laser

Endoscope  ,   Laboratory Equipments

MRI  ,  CT Scanner